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2015-02   NO.557
Forum of New-Type Urbanization and Development of China
Urban Planning and Architectural Design in the Context of New-Type Urbanization | Song Chunhua
Symbiosis of Architecture and the City: Polyphonic Music in the City | Zheng Shiling
Tentative Suggestions on the Development Paths of Architectural Design in the Context of New-Type Urbanization in China | Wang Jianguo
Urban Planning and Construction Strategies on New-Type Urbanization | Zhou Lan
A Collection of Papers Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China
Linking the Signs on Street Façades to the Characteristics of Street Space | Tang Lian, Ding Wowo
A Performance-Oriented Study on the Morphological Optimization in a High Density Area Concerning Urban Heat Island Effect | Hu Youpei
The Methods of Data Analysis with Computer for Group Decision in the Architectural Programming of Complicated Large Projects | Tu Huijun, Chen Zhuo
A Study on the Structure of Vertical Space in Urban Complexes Based on Synergy Theory | Wang Zhendong, Wang Yinpu
The Imagery of Urban Color A Study on the Path of Urban Color Planning Based on Visual Thinking Theory | Li Xiaojuan, Hong Zaisheng, Zhang Nan
The Pictorial Expression of City Image on Internet A Case Study of Twenty One Cities in Guangdong | Zhao Miaoxi , Xu Gaofeng, Li Rongro
A Study of the Western Scholarship on Chinese Architecture in Modern Times | Cheng Xiaochong, Xu Subin
The Technological Strategies in Restoring Modern Chinese Buildings Based on an Analysis of Damage Mechanism A Case Study of the Restoration of the Former National Commercial Bank Building in Tianjin | Yang Changming, Lan Wei
Discovering the Value of the Chinese City Walls of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the Preparations for the Application for World Heritage A Textual Study on the Outer Walls of the Ancient Xingcheng City | Shen Yang, Zhou Xiaodi, Chang Junfu, Lin Xiaoyu
Inheriting and Updating the Technology of Low Energy Consumption Used in Waterside Vernacular Dwellings in the Lower Yangtze Basin | Yang Weiju, Gao Qing, Xu Bin, Yin Shusheng
An Analysis of the Principles That Create the Microclimate of Courtyards in Vernacular Houses Surrounded by Embankment | Cheng Yanyan, Guo Weihong
Designing Rural Houses of Low Energy Consumption and High Comfort in Response to the Extremely Cold Climate A Case Study of an Immigrant Village in Woniuhe Town, Zhalantun | Jin Hong, Chen Kai, Shao Teng, Jin Yumeng
The Transformation of Tujia Vernacular Dwellings in Laosicheng, Yongshun | Zhou Ting, Shan Jun, Zhang Bo
The Strategies to Renew the Built Environment of Traditional Mountainous Communities A Case Study of West Jialingqiao Village in Chongqing | Li Heping, Xiao Hongwei, Huang Ling
The Method of Correlative Analysis on the Space of Traditional Lanes and Alleys in Mountainous Settlements A Case Study of Guifeng Village in Youxi | Zhang Ying, Chen Xiaojuan, Shen Yiqiang
The Form and Its Social Origins of Ancestral Worshipping Space An Elaboration on Big Houses with Ancestral Halls in Eastern Hubei Province | Tan Gangyi, Ren Danni
The Characteristics of the Site Selection of Rural Settlements in Southern Hunan Constrained by Land Resources | Xu Jianhe, Yan Jun, Xu Haiyan
The Formation and Application of the Information Network of Space and Time in Historic Cities A Case Study of the Old City of Luoyang | Yan Wei, Dong Wei
A Historical Review of Chinese Walled City from the Perspective of Gated Communities: Continuity and Evolution | Xu Miao
A Study of the Mode of Preserving Historic Districts Based on ‘Micro-Community’ From a Socio-Spatial Perspective | Yang Junyan, Shi Yi
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