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2016-02   NO.569
Heritage Preservation
A Study on the Appraisal of Industrial Heritage in the UK, the US and Canada | Yu Lei, Aoki Nobuo, Xu Subin
An Investigation of Modern Industrial Heritages in Zhejiang Province | Liu Fuying, Jiang Yajing, Chen Yi
A Study on the Central Mint of the Ministry of Revenue in China from the Perspective of Industrial Heritage | i Hong
Research on Design
The Study and Practice of Livable Environment for the Elderly in China | Li Xin, Xu Yishan, Zhou Dian
Planning Cultural Entertainment Facilities Adaptive to the Elderly in Old Residential Areas-A Case Study of Hongmiaobeili Community in Beijing | Hu Huiqin, Chang Liu
A Study on the Interaction Between Space Form of Bathroom and Related Nursing Care in Buildings for the Elderly | Zhou Bo, Wang Hongyi, Lu Wei, Wang Xinyan, Liu Jianjun
A Study on Occupants' Behavior and Thermal Environmental Energy Efficiency of Dwellings | Liu Nianxiong, Mo Dan, Wang Muzhou
A Study on Energy-Saving Design of Office Building Forms in the Severe Cold Region Regarding Daylighting and Thermal Performance | Sun Cheng, Han Yunsong
A Study on the Framework of Regional Standards of Green Building Design in Qinghai Province | Liu Yu, Wang Jun, Ren Juan, Wang Jin, Huang Jie, Wu Xinlan
Exploratory Analysis on Archaeoastronomical Characteristics of Landscape, Architecture and Petroglyph | Zhang Yukun, Liu Fang
A Study on Cognitive Intersections in Commercial Complexes-A Case Study of Coastal Mall in Shenzhen | Yin Ziyuan, Wang Haofeng, Fu Meiling
A Preliminary Study on the Design Strategy for Vertical Circulation of the Outpatient Building in General Hospitals | Long Hao, Zhang Malu, Ma Li
A Study on the Design Methods of Green Buildings Based on Green Building Rating System-On a Neighborhood Level | Chen Hong, Gan Yuelang
Historic District & Traditional Architecture
Appraising the Reconstruction of a Historical Block Based on Demand Differences-A Case Study of the Historical District of Hengdaohezi Town | Zhang Jun, Liu Daping, Zhang Yuting
A Speculative Study on Traditional Dwellings in Multicultural Crisscross Area | Meng Xiangwu, Wang Jun, Ye Minghui, Jin Yibing
The Discrimination and Transformation of Archetypes-A Case Study of the Eastern Jiangxi and Northern Fujian Region | Li Jiujun
A Comprehensive Study on Building Construction of Vernacular Architecture in the Greater Jiangnan Region-Its Implications, Paths and Methods | Li Zhen
A Tectonic Study on the Contemporary Main Gates of Traditional Zhuangkuo Courtyards of Ethnic Tu People | Tian Hu, Lei Zhendong
A Cultural Study of the Fire Pits in Traditional Ethnic Miao Residences | Tang Shikuang
A Study on the Classification of Palace Halls of Tibetan Buddhist Temples in Inner Mongolia Based on the Development of Dugang Ceremony | Han Ying, Li Xinfei, Zhang Pengju
Urban Design
Paradigms, Predicaments and Directions: Towards Urban Design under the New Norms | Yang Zhen
Exploring the Factors that Attract People to Visit Public Spaces of Communities-A Case Study of the OCT, Shenzhen | Chen Yiyong, Liu Tao
A Study of the Relationship Between the Space Surrounding Primary Schools and Students’Behaviors off School | Li Zao, Chen Weiwei, Li Jin
A Review of the Interactive Relations Between People and the Built Environment | Zhang Qi, Xu Hong, Huang Qiong
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