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2019-02   NO.605
Research on Design
Siming Experiment: The Urban, Architectural and Social Perspectives in the Case of a Historical Community Redevelopment in Shanghai | LI Yanbo
A Study on Horizontal Optimal Size of the Hospital Ward | SHAO Yu, ZHOU Luqing, GUO Haibo
A Study on the Acceptability of Users and Flexibility of Renovation in Infill S ystem as Exemplified in Yashihejin Apartment | ZHOU Jingmin, MIAO Qing, LIU Dongwei
A Study on Visual Saliency of Way-Finding Landmarks Based on Eye-Tracking Exper iments as Exemplified in Harbin Kaide Shopping Center | SUN Cheng, YANG Yang
A Study on Ventilation Efficiency and Optimal Layout of Typical Residential Modules Based on CFD Simulation | ZENG Suiping, TIAN Jian, ZENG Jian
Performance Evaluation and Modification Suggestion Method of the Building Form Based on Machine Learning | LYU Shuai, LI Jingyu, LI Junjie
Research on Care Facilities for the Elderly
Summarizing the Design Experience of Care Facilities for the Elderly | ZHOU Yanmin, CHEN Yu
Layout and Location of Rehabilitation Type of Comprehensive Elderly Facilities in Community | LI Bin, LI Xue, WANG Yiming
International Practices and Implications from the Perspective of Community Intergenerational Solidarity | FU Benchen, MENG Xue, ZHANG Yu
A Study on Elderly-adaptive Rehabilitation of Shanghai’s New Worker’s Village Take Anshan 3rd Village as Example | TU Huijun, FENG Yanling, ZHANG Jing, XUAN Yizhou
Rural Revitalization
Designing for the Countryside: The Architectural Programming Method as a Strategy | DANG Yutian, ZHUANG Weimin
Huayao Kitchen: Renovating Kitchens in Rural Houses in Chongmudang Village | LU Jiansong, SU Yan, XU Feng, Jiang Min
The Optimized Access to the Digital Museum of Traditional Chinese Villages Exploring and Quantifying the Wisdom of Traditional Villages by Three-Dimensional Computation | LI Zhe, SUN Su, ZHOU Chengchuanqi, TONG Xinxin, ZHANG Yixin, LI Yan
Heritage Preservation
The Making and Application of Typological Map Adaptive to Conservation and Regeneration of Historic Districts in China——A Case Study of the Xiaoxihu Area in Nanjing | DONG Yinan, HAN Dongqing, SHEN Yang, BAO Yuzhe
Preventive and Planned: On the Concept and Development of "Preventive Conservation" in International Architectural Heritage Studies | RONG Qingwen, ZHANG Jianwei
Historical Research
Generation of a Large Theatrical Space at the Summer Palace: An Analysis of the Design Process of Dehe Garden | WU Hanbing, ZHANG Long, HUANG Mengya
Study on Evolution of the Altar of Sa within Southern Ethnic Dong Area in Ming and Qing Dynasties: An Architectural Anthropological Research into a Specific Type of Non-Residential Vernacular Architecture | JU Kaifu
Decoding the Construction Techniques of Crossed Oblique Bow-Shaped Units of Cellular Bracket System in the Ethnic Dong Drum-Tower | WU Lin, TANG Xiaoxiang, ZHAO Qihong
112 | ZHANG Shuming, LIU Daping
Water-channelled Gardens in the Central Wu Region since Mid-Ming and Early Qing Dynasties | WANG Jin
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